TKP is 100 years old: 'We will see beautiful days!'*

TKP is 100 years old: 'We will see beautiful days!'*

The TKP calls on the people to participate the gatherings in September on the occasion of the 100th anniversary.

TKP will organize public meetings in Turkey’s three biggest cities, İzmir, İstanbul and Ankara, on September 11th,12th,13th respectively, for the 100th foundation anniversary of the Party.

TKP calls on the people to attend the rallies in September for independence, secularist and Republican values, and socialism.

Humanity managed to overcome even more desperate times; as long as the people who support justice, enlightenment and equality do their part. TKP is turning 100 with the determination of doing her part. We will not leave this country and the world to darkness, we will not bow down!” the call says. 

TKP recently convened the 13th Congress, taking some significant decisions for the upcoming period of struggle.

TKP had been established in Baku on September 10, 1920, a year after the foundation of the Communist International and just following the Baku Congress of the Peoples of the East.


* Quoting Nazım's line from his Optimism poem of 1930