TKP starts petition against NATO

TKP starts petition against NATO

The Communist Party of Turkey started a petition calling for Turkey to break ties with NATO and the shut down of the US military base in İncirlik. The petition demands (1) the US and NATO bases in Turkey to be shut down, (2) confiscation and disassembly of nuclear weapons in those bases, and (3) quitting the NATO, calling back all Turkish soldiers who serve in NATO bases or operations abroad.

Imperialism. It became an expurgatory word during years under AKP. 

According to liberals, imperialism was not existing. What existed was the international society and big powers such as US, EU should be considered as advanced civilizations. Instead of fighting with them, they should be helped to serve for the spread of civilization and democracy. 

Those who repeated the word imperalism a lot were simply nationalists, according to liberals.  

Reactionary nationalists were echoing them. They said that big Turkey should collaborate with big states for regional leadership, the EU and US should be considered as influential powers to be negotiated with and not as exploitative enemies. US' military presence in the region, and even its occupations were "the facts of the world".

Then things have changed.

In reality, the principles and goals of capitalist order has not changed a single bit, but now everyone is challenging it. 

According to what AKP says, "Turkey is no longer dependent upon the West. Turkey no longer does what the US says, nor sees Germany irreplaceable. Instead, now there is a Turkey who can mobilise its armed forces without the consent of the US, and sends ultimatums to Germany."

This is what they include in their discourse.

In practice, however, the case is exact opposite. AKP makes moves to refresh confidence with imperialists such as the US, Germany, or the UK, while the US military bases remain where they are

The reactionary bourgeoisie and the AKP have no other purpose than finding new roles for themselves in the imperialist order

Communists are determined to uncloak these hypocritical "hamburger" patriots.

Cargill, NATO, Patriot missiles, BP, Shell, Mc Donald’s.

It is necessary to end the imperialist exploitation, and get rid of imperialism not as a foreign force, but as an establishment of exploitation who has made the Turkish bourgeoisie a part of itself.

There are things that can be immediately put in action for that.

TKP calls for it: Break ties with NATO, shut down the İncirlik military base!

We started a petition for Turkey to quit NATO membership and the shut-down of İncirlik base. Join the campaign, sign the petition yourself, share it with others, help us disseminate it.