AKP rule continues to ignore people

AKP rule continues to ignore people

Statement regarding the press conference where Health Minister Fahrettin Koca admits the figures of positive COVID-19 cases announced by the Ministry were not the real figures.

The statements of the Minister of Health yesterday, as always, served to confuse the public rather than enlighten them.

It can be clearly seen that the government has adopted this as a strategy. Nobody was aware of the change made in the "turquoise table". Would it be so difficult to inform the public that from now on they were going to announce the number of patients, not cases?

The government insisted on not sharing the information about the number of cases by cities with the public for months. Likewise, the Minister of Health persistently refuses to explain the number of asymptomatic cases.

Why are you hiding the data from the public?

The circumstances of the performed PCR tests are unknown. If people with no symptoms are being tested with PCR, why are risk groups, workers, and healthcare workers not tested extensively?

Why is the total number of positive cases not disclosed?

The summary is that the AKP rule continues to ignore the people. This is the only way they know in health, education, law, and economy.